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Alice and Sophie

Friday, 8 February 2013


Hello readers!

Finally we have for you a look at the new Textured Nail Effects by Barry M!! A very quirky and different nail paint that you'll either LOVE or HATE. This gritty, grainy matte polish creates a VERY unique effect and comes in four different Spring/Summer shades named after famous haunts where Mr Barry Mero began his early working days in the markets of Ridley Road and Brixton. Ridley Road (Green) TNP4, Kingsland Road (Pink) TNP3, Station Road (Yellow) TNP2, Atlantic Road (Blue) TNP1.Once you've painted on the first coat the effect starts showing after a couple of seconds. If you want to be a bit different then this is the kind of polish for you!

First lets look at Ridley Road, a lovely pastel green. This colour is very similar to Barry M's Mint Green which is actually one of my favourites. Just one thick coat will do just fine but you can do an extra one if you want it to last a bit longer! I would suggest you use a base coat to protect your nails but not a top coat as you don't want to ruin the matte effect. This is such a lovely spring/summer shade that you won't want to be without - with the bonus of the quirky effect!

Secondly we have Station Road which is a very summery yellow with a slight shimmer. This colour is a little like Barry M's Baby Yellow or Lemon. With this colour you should definitely use a base coat as it may stain your nails a bit and when taking it off I suggest you wash your hands as the shimmer decides it wants to stay on your fingers! We used 2-3 coats of this as it does come out quite streaky with one. Alice tried this with a top coat - it doesn't look as good as it takes away the effect a bit however it makes the shimmer more noticeable. Again the effect makes it unique however someone has compared it to rust - not good.

Next is Atlantic Road which is a lovely pale blue. This reminds me a little of blu tack which has been stuck to come sort of fabric. I used 2 coats for this but 1 thick coat will do. Again it is a great spring/summer colour and the grainy effect really stands out. I think this colour shows the effect off most which really makes people notice the effect - this can be a good and bad thing! When wearing this I had a few comments on what it looks like, I think the best description was sandpaper!

Finally we have Kingsland Road which is a very pretty pastel pink. This is my favourite as it is a beautiful colour and the effect is subtle but noticeable! I used 2 coats as I wanted to make it look thicker. I teamed this up with the Greenberry Gelly Paint and they complimented each other perfectly. For this I did not use a top coat and the matte effect makes it stand out a lot more. As you may notice the effect is not as noticeable, you may want to use more coats to create more of an effect.

I found with all of these they dried quickly which is what we all want! They last well however, as they don't have a top coat they may chip slightly easier. I tried using a matte top coat just to protect them but you lose a lot of the effect :(

I know you all want to know when they are out so here is the final bit from me... These great nail paints are a wonderful price of  £3.99 and are available in Superdrug February 13th & Boots February 20th.  Products will also launch on barrym.com on February 13th

Enjoy! Let us know what your favourite is!

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  1. Love the look of the green and pink ones! Will certainly be adding these to my collection, thanks for the review, love your blog :) xx