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Alice and Sophie

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


To complete my review of my share of the new summer launches from Barry M I have a post for you on the New Sequin Effects nail paint in the Pink colour!!

This new effect has a rich formula packed densely with sequin specs and is the perfect way to create a dramatic 3D effect on your nails.
Unlike the Confetti effect, these have a colour to them aswell as the sequin pieces. They also don't have as many pieces crammed in as the Confetti sprinkles but because there is a base colour you don't really need there to be.
You can still get away with applying just one coat and still having a good coverage of Sequins. In my photo I used two coats.

They come in 3 colours:
Black - black base colour with Gold sequins in
(Sophie will be reviewing this one at a later date)
White - white base with multicolored sequins in (Sophie will be reviewing this one at a later date)
And Pink - pink base with multicolored sequins in

I used my Pink Sequin Effect nail paint over a mint green colour. I wanted to pair it with a shade that was a similar pastel to the pinky base coat but also light enough to not distract from the textured sparkle that the sequin effect gives.

Sequin Nail Effects Nail Paint launched on May 8th so are online and instore already for just £3.99!! What are you waiting for :)

Sophie will be giving her own take on her share of the Barry M launches soon so sit tight and watch this space...x


Following on from yesterday's review of the Confetti effects, today I will be showing you 3 of the fantastic new Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint summer colours that they have added to their collection.

There are FIVE new colours in total but Sophie and I are being good girls and sharing them :)

The shades are:

Key Lime - a Lime Green
Guava - Teal
(Sophie will be reviewing this colour at a later date)
Passion Fruit - Pink/Red (Sophie will be reviewing this colour at a later date)
Blue Grape - Cobalt Blue
And Mango - Orange

When I received these I firstly tried them out on their own. See how shiny they are in the photos? This is with no top coat!... I promise! SO glossy!!

Then, I also used them to incorporate our favourite thing on our blog...nail art!
So I have also posted a photo of some Comic Book themed nail art using my three new Gelly nail paint shades!
(I also, of course, used the black & white Nail Art Pens from Barry M to create this design!)

Whether you are using them on their own, with an effect varnish top coat or to incorporate with some nail art, believe us...these will be your go-to shades this Summer for an extra glossy mani at only £3.99 per bottle!!

The official store launch dates are on June 5th in Superdrug & June 12th in Boots.

Have a great day x


As promised here is my review on the fantastic NEW range of Barry M Confetti Nail Effect nail polishes!!

They have come up with another fabulous effect nail polish that bring a fun, Summer pop to your nails. It's so different to anything they have done before, or indeed other brands have done. And at just £3.99 each what more could you ask for!

The clear varnish is FILLED with confetti sprinkles that brush over the nail.
The best thing I found about them is that you can mix and match the Confetti colours with your favorite colour varnishes as a top coat OR you can build the Confetti effect by using a couple of coats over no colour at all! And because the bottles are literally full with confetti sprinkles you only have to do two coats to get a great effect!! (Unlike other similar products I've tried in the past where you would have to apply 4 or 5 coats just for the pieces to build up!)
They also dry amazingly quickly and smoothly. You can, but I didn't even feel I had to use a clear top coat over them.

These sweet inspired shades come in FIVE colours...amazing!!
I can see where the candy inspiration comes from as you truly can 'Pick and Mix' the shades to go with so many other colour base coats. This creates hundreds of different options and therefore making them even more of a bargain!

The shades are:

Dolly Mixture - a subtle Gold/Multi mix
Liquorice - Black & White
Marshmallow - Pale Pink
Bubblegum - a turquoise Blue
And Sour Apple - Green

As Sophie and I are like sisters, we are very good at sharing...;)
So when we received the new Summer launches from Barry M we divided them up equally so we could review then fairly.

I was lucky enough to get 4 of the Confetti effect polishes so my photos are of all of them apart from the Sour Apple (which Sophie will be posting about soon.)
In all of my photos they show just one layer of the Confetti sprinkles so you can see how well it applies.

First up is Liquorice (my favourite!), and I've layered it over the New Barry M Blue Grape Gelly Hi Shine polish. I LOVE these and think they look great together!!

Secondly I tried Dolly Mixture over the New Barry M Mango Gelly Hi Shine polish.

Next is Marshmallow over Barry M Lychee Gelly Hi Shine polish. (N.B. This Gelly colour polish is already in the shops!)

And finally is the Bubblegum over the New Barry M KeyLime Gelly Hi Shine polish.

(Please note - we are reviewing the other Barry M Summer launches too! They include the Sequin Effects and the New summer colours of the Gelly Hi Shine polishes, some of which I have used in my photos today to tease you!....so watch this space!)

These Confetti beauties are available instore on June 5th in Superdrug, and June 12th in Boots...Not long now!!

Good luck trying to choose just one! :)

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


We wanted let you know that we will soon be reviewing the wonderful new Barry M summer releases which include:

The Hi Shine Gelly polishes in 5 new exotic fruit inspired colours
Five new Nail Effect polishes which give Confetti sprinkle effects
And 3 new Sequin Effect polishes too...

So exciting!

But for this evening I wanted to share my current nails. More paisley nails but this time in Pink and White.

I'm still loving the Barry M Nail Art Pens so what else would I use for these!

So cute and easy to do.

Stay tuned for our Barry M reviews later this week...