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Alice and Sophie

Thursday, 27 September 2012


Happy Thursday everybody!! Didn't you all just LOVE Sophie's nails yesterday?! I did!

Its nearly the weekend...and nearly the start of October!

And October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.
So today I have some pretty pink nails that I will be wearing to raise awareness for this all to familiar cause and letting people know that October isnt all about Halloween. It's the month to THINK PINK!

I've used Barry M's lovely pale pink for the base and their Fushia pink for the detail. I've also added some detail on the middle nails using some silver rhinestones to add an extra girlie touch.

These are to help us remember.

So girls, whether you're raising money, wearing a pink ribbon or trying out this nail art...people (including strangers) will notice, comment and help to raise awareness. Which is a great thing.
Send us your nail designs too!!

For my Mummy x

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Hello everyone! Sorry for the late post, I've had a busy busy day!

Today we have some nails in honour of my partner in crime (Alice) - Alice in Wonderland nails!!

From thumb to pinky we have; The Rabbits ears and pocket watch with 'Im late' , Alice's blue dress and head bow, The Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat and a little 'drink me' bottle.

For these I used Models Own 'snow white' for most of the base colours and their nail art pens for the detail. For the Cheshire Cat I used Barry M Berry ice cream.

I hope Alice likes these :D and I hope you all like them too! Are there any fairy tales you have painted? Tweet it to us!!

Enjoy your evening lovely readers!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Good Morning readers!

I'm writing all the way from cold, rainy Cardiff this week! Training for work, very dull...But today's nails are far from that! (also, I didn't know what to name them today).

The base coat is one of my new favourite colours at the moment. It's actually by Next and it's a lovely mushroom/taupe/grey shade. Which I've read is going to be a big colour for Autumn/Winter!

The base coat on the accent ring fingers is a gorgeous pale pink by Barry M. With a cute/messy ditsy, floral print on top (also using Rio pens).

I think the pinks and taupe go surprisingly well together.

Try them :) and have a lovely Tuesday.

Friday, 21 September 2012


Happy Friday readers! I hope you all have a nice weekend planned... You can tell us all about it on our twitter @cute_AS_nails as we would love to know!

For today's nails I have some lovely nude nails with a Houndstooth accent nail! The nude is by Barry M, which is very translucent so I had to do quite a few coats to make it this opaque. For the Houndstooth nail I painted it white using Models Own 'snow white' and then using their black nail art striper I painted 3 lines from finger to tip. I then used their white striper and painted lines across so the nails looked checkered. Finally I added the rest of the little line detail with the black. Once you get the hang of it then it's not as hard as it first sounds. You can always cheat and get the nail wraps (teehee)!

I hope you like these and give it a go yourselves! Have a great weekend and we will see you all next week!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


The weekend is so close...this week has gone a little too slow for my liking but today I have some bright and cheery nails!! Yey!

And these floral nails are easy peasy!!

Simply chose your base colour...I chose Barry M - Lemon.
'Blob' (technical term!) on the colour you want your flowers to be...I chose Barry M - Fushia. These blobs can be any size and shape which is what makes these so great but keep to about 3 per nail.
Next, using green, draw on your leaves. (I used Rio nail art pens in dark green).
Finally, using a contrasting colour, carefully draw the detail in your flower - I chose Kiss nail paint in Lilac.

And there you have it...

I would definitely recommend trying this simple design and we'd love to see what colours you come up with.

Have a lovely weekend everyone :)


Helloooo lovely readers! I hope you're having a good week so far.

To carry on the fun theme this week I have done some yummy Liquorice Allsorts nails! When it comes to actually eating these sweets I only like the pink and blue ones with little balls on. Not a big fan of the square ones. But they do make some fun nail art!

For these I used Essie's Muchi Muchi for the base coat (big fan of this pretty pink) and then a range of Barry M colours and Models Own art pens for all the sweet detail.

These nails are a bit of fun, easy to do and kids seem to love them!

Have a wonderful day readers!

Monday, 17 September 2012


I'm home from my holiday now and what great reviews of the New Barry M Gelly Nail Paint by Sophie last week to come back to! Loved reading it and it felt like I'd already tried them as Sophie gave such a detailed review! Can't wait to try them all!!

Today I have some fun Super Mario World nails which I've been wanting to do for ages as I've seen similar ones on another nail art blog before.
My Sister, Brother and I used to love playing this game on our old Nintendo growing up (I was always Princess Peach) so this is a great way of reliving my childhood memories haha.

Hopefully you can see what each nail is supposed to be!

I used Rio nail art pens for all of the detail and another favourite colour of mine, Barry M's sky blue.

Have a lovely day everyone!!

Friday, 14 September 2012


Happy happy Friday everyone!!! Another week has passed, very quickly I might add!

Today I have got some cool and slightly retro looking nails. For these I used Essie - Mint Candy Apple and Muchi, Muchi and Barry M - Peach Melba and Berry ice cream. I used Models Own pens for the lines. These were easy to do and fun when it came to deciding what the next nail should have! I think these colours work great together even though I should probably be moving into the more Autumn shades. I think I'm trying to hold onto summer for just that bit longer.

I hope you have some lovely plans for the weekend and planning on rocking some of that new Models Own Mirrorball collection - I know I will be!

Next week Alice will be back showcasing her lovely tan and beautiful nails!

Thursday, 13 September 2012


Wow. It's nearly the end of the week already!! I apologise for the lack of posts. Alice is still sunning herself in Cyprus. Still jealous!

Anyway, hopefully most of you saw my Barry M Gelly Nail Paint post on Monday so you might like this one too! I have acquired another colour!!! Yay! This lucky colour is Satsuma.

Looking at the bottle it is a lovely deep orange which at first didn't really excite me as i'm not really a massive orange lover. Warily I started to paint thick coats on. Like the other paints the shine was instant which is what makes me love them so much! I let them dry and took a while to decide whether this colour was for me.... Although it is a lovely deep orange, i'm still not too keen. I think this colour would suit Alice a lot more especially with her beautiful tan!

All in all it does what it says on the tin - hi shine, which is what we want! So my verdict is... Buy it!!
This colour and the others will be available for an amazing price of £3.99 on Barrym.com on the 21st of September (not too much longer). If you want to buy in store then they will be available at Superdrug - 26th September and Boots - 3rd October.

Exciting!! Enjoy your day readers!

Monday, 10 September 2012


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and managed to enjoy some of the lovely weather we've been having!

So Alice and I have been lucky enough to try out and review Barry M's NEW Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paints! They are a new range that create a very shiny finish in just one coat (which is what we all want in a nail polish). They come in a wide range of colours which we are very excited about - here's a list of them for all our lovely readers: Plum (Purple), Blackberry (Navy), Watermelon (Dark Green), Blood Orange (Red), Blueberry (Light blue), Prickly Pear (Light Purple), Satsuma (Orange), Grapefruit (Pink), Pomegranate (Hot Pink). I don't think i have a favourite yet but I have my eye on a few colours.

So... here we go. We got to try three of these colours - Grapefruit (pink), Pomegranate (hot pink) and Prickly Pear (light purple). Firstly I gave the Grapefruit a go. I used quite a thick coat at first but worked out that it wasn't really necessary as the colour was dark enough to be able to apply a thinner coat. As soon as I applied the polish it was already shiny! Impressed.

 Next one I tried was Pomegranate (hot pink). If you see the bottle you wouldn't really call it a hot pink, I think it is a bit more of a raspberry colour, a darker reddy pink, but I will let you judge the colour. Again I didn't have to use a thick coat, it went on smoothly and the shine was instant. So far Pomegranate is a fave as it stands out more. (Sorry for the shabby painting). One thing I would say about this one is that when you take it off, like all dark nail polishes, it stains your fingers a bit so make sure you wash your hands after in some warm water - that should make it a bit better on your fingers.

Finally I tried Prickly Pear (light purple). For this I started off with a thin coat like the other two however as it is a lot lighter in colour I found you have to do a slightly thicker coat. If you do do a thin coat then you will have to do another coat so if you want to save some time, just do a thick first coat. This colour is more my colour; light and more of a pastel. Again the shine was instant. I think I found a new favourite as well! These polishes are great for a 'just been to the salon for hours' look but with a lot more ease and obviously a lot less time! Another thing I noticed is that they dry particularly quickly - another great plus for this nail polish.

So these lovely polishes will be available on Barry M's website Barrym.com on September 21st and you won't have to save up too much for them as they are only £3.99 each! Amazing! If you can wait and want to buy them in store then they will be launched in Superdrug September 26th and in Boots October 3rd.

Have a lovely day everyone and put that date in your diary's! We know we will be... anyone else like the sound of Watermelon? Mmmmm.

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Almost the weekend Yey!

So last week I did some holiday nails and to carry on from them I have more holiday inspired nails - a beach scene across them.
Now there is quite a bit going on but then beaches are busy places and there's always something to see on a busy beach - sometimes things you don't want to see! Haha

From thumb to pinky I've drawn:
A lady sunbathing. A sun umbrella and boat in the distance. A boat and 2 boys playing volley ball. A lady flying a kite and finally, a swimmer.

I used Barry M for every colour on this design except for the black and white, they are Rio nail art pens.

Have a lovely week!!
I'm on the way to the airport as I write but Sophie will still be posting some of her great nails so keep on viewing :)

We are also entering a competition with Travel Supermarket. Here is the link if you want to enter too! http://www.travelsupermarket.com/c/holidays/beauty-and-the-beach/ 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Happy mid-week!! I hope you're having a lovely week so far. The weather has been amazing!!

For todays nails I have done some zebra nails! For these I used Models Own Snow White for the base and their black nail art pen for the print! You gotta love animal print. For a bit of 'randomness' I have my ring finger painted with Barry M Silver Multi Glitter. I am currently loving Barry M's glitter range! I suggest you all go and buy at LEAST one of them!!

I hope you enjoy these nails and enjoy your day! I hope you all get a bit of Sun <3

Monday, 3 September 2012


It's another Tuesday! And today I have some nails that some of you will get and some may not...these are my take on the comedy 118 118 advert. And another example of random, un-obvious, 'anything' nail art!

I've drawn the vests that the two guys wear (complete with curly chest hair on the one on my thumb). And their famous moustache, on my middle finger.

For these I used Essie white, Rio red and Rio black. For the skin colour I used Barry M peach melba - a favourite!

Hope you like, and get, these!!

Have a lovely day fellow nail art lovers.