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Alice and Sophie

Monday, 17 September 2012


I'm home from my holiday now and what great reviews of the New Barry M Gelly Nail Paint by Sophie last week to come back to! Loved reading it and it felt like I'd already tried them as Sophie gave such a detailed review! Can't wait to try them all!!

Today I have some fun Super Mario World nails which I've been wanting to do for ages as I've seen similar ones on another nail art blog before.
My Sister, Brother and I used to love playing this game on our old Nintendo growing up (I was always Princess Peach) so this is a great way of reliving my childhood memories haha.

Hopefully you can see what each nail is supposed to be!

I used Rio nail art pens for all of the detail and another favourite colour of mine, Barry M's sky blue.

Have a lovely day everyone!!

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