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Alice and Sophie

Wednesday, 30 January 2013



So, today I have city number 2 in our countdown of the top cities in the world to visit!! Paris!

Late last year I did some Paris nails to get me all excited and looking forward to my trip away for my birthday, but today's are a little different.
I have tried to focus on the top things you want from you're city break...sight seeing, shopping & food (& drink!)

I've used Barry M's Strawberry Ice-cream for the main base colour, then using black and white nail paint & a nail art brush I added my detail. This includes a cupcake (which I imagine to be sat in the window of a gorgeous little Patisserie in Paris!), a Chanel design beaded necklace (because who doesn't love to shop on holiday!), a pink stripe & lace ring finger nail (French lace/beautiful lingerie inspired!) and finally, of course the most famous and visited landmark in Paris, the Eiffel Tower.

If this design has given you itchy feet and you're looking for the perfect city break to Paris we have some links you should check out below.

For flights click HERE
For hotels click HERE

Does anybody have any recommendations or tips on where to go when visiting the French capital? How about any great salons or nail bars in Paris?

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Monday, 28 January 2013


Hello readers!! Here is the first of our 'shopping cities around the world' nails... New York nails!
I have always wanted yo visit New York, not just to shop but to see ALL the sights. I think Christmas would be a lovely time with all the beautiful lights and festive fun!

Have any of you been to New York? Let us know! And tell us what you bought!

For these I used various colours from Barry M and Models Own.Starting with the thumb (I <3 NY) - Models Own Snow White, Black nail art pen and Tantrum red nail art pen. Index finger (Tiffany & co. Box) - Barry M Blue Moon and Models Own White nail art pen. Middle finger (skyline) - Models Own Battleship Grey and black and white nail art pens. Ring finger (5th Ave) - Barry M Watermelon Gelly nail paint, Models Own nail art pen. Finally my pinky (flag) - white as above, Barry M blueberry and Tantrum red pen.

If you're thinking of visiting New York then we have a few links... For flights click HERE and hotels click HERE. If you get to go before us then we would love to hear your recommendations - best shop, best hotel, best coffee shop and best restaurant.

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Good evening everyone!

We hope you're looking forward to seeing our Cities around the world nail art that Sophie & I are currently working on! We can't wait to show you.

But in the mean time...I have these leopard print beauties to show.

This look is everywhere at the moment. Matte with a contrasting colour/material.
Whether its a black top with a velvet floral print over the top, red trousers with a black velvet leopard print over the top (I'm thinking of some Zara ones in particular!) or matte black nails with a shiny black over the top, like mine.
And as Valentine's Day is just around the corner (eek...!) I thought I'd add these cute pale pink heart shapes to the thumb.
I got them from sparklynails.co.uk and just used a nail glue to stick them down.

The black coat on my nails is actually Shellac - BlackPool that I've had on since last week but I've added a coat of Rimmel London's LYCRA Pro Matte Finish to them. I love it because you can literally see it drying and turning matte!
For the leopard print pattern I firstly tried using my usual black nail paint but it just didn't show up enough on the matte black so I used my thin nail art brush (also from sparklynails) to dip into Barry M's clear top coat bottle and that worked against it much better, as you can see.

Have any of you got any great tips for using matte finish polishes? What about your leopard print designs with a twist?
We would love to hear and see.
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Friday, 25 January 2013

Shopping Streets around the World!

We have something a little different this week, which for us is quite exciting

There aren’t many of us girls out there that don’t love to shop (Alice and I love a good shop, with a nice tea and cake thrown in!). 
Many a weekend away has been planned solely around the excellent shopping a destination might have waiting for us at the other end, but have you ever gone as far to book a holiday around what shopping you can do there?

This infographic by TravelSupermarket.com takes a look at the best shopping streets around the world so before you go and book your flights take a look at this to see which destinations should be top of your list of must visits.

We took on the challenge to see if we could use this infographic as inspiration for our latest nail art, so the next few posts will incorporate each city. We hope you'll love (or at least like) them and maybe it will inspire you to book a holiday so you can shop away! So keep an eye out for the next few post's, we think you'll enjoy them <3

We would love to know where you think is the best City to shop in and why, and of course, what you bought when you visited it?!

If you have any nail art that relates to any of the cities we have here then we would love to see them, maybe you can inspire us! Just follow us on Twitter @cute_AS_nails or send us a little email. We may feature you in one of our posts (exciting)!  

We look forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Happy New Year!!

Good Evening <3

So, we are 2 weeks into January but we are fiiinally back to work and back to blogging about all things nails!!

It's a depressing time right now, made worse by everyone taking about the January blues (I've heard the most depressing day is officially the 21st!)
But one way to help cheer yourself up is a pamper session, of course starting with your nails! Try it, it will make you happy and it's cheaper than going to a salon ;)

Even though the Christmas decs are down and the sparkly dress is back in the wardrobe I've chosen Barry M's Nude teamed also with their Rose Quartz Glitter to put some sparkle back in my life!
They have some amazing polishes out right now starting from only £2.99 so it's hard to say No! And the great thing about the glitter ones is they aren't rough or spiky to touch. (But do add a top coat to prevent them from chipping.)

Have a wonderful evening
everyone and welcome back!!