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We hope you like them and try them all out yourself!

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Alice and Sophie

Thursday, 30 August 2012


Yay!!! It's Friday!!!!! I'm very excited for this weekend as Im going home to see my family and friends. It also mean A.S.nails can have a little meeting and brainstorm some nail ideas! Woooooo.

Today i have some, slightly rubbish, marbleing nails. I tried this quite a few times and struggled. I gave up as i couldn't get the effect I wanted but I will try again one day. You all have probably seen pictures or videos on this nail technique. I have seen some where people have just put a drop of nail polish on the nail and swirled it around with a tooth pick (or something similar), I personally don't think this way looks as good as the messy water way.

So I did the messy way. Taped up my fingers, swirled some varnish around in water, dipped in my nail and ta da... Marble nails!!

I think if I attempt this again i will make a video for you all... Maybe that's something Alice and I can do together at some point!

Finally for these nails I used Barry M (of course, like always) Peach Melba, Grey and Mint Green.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!! Keep on painting!


Ok, ok I know most of you would have had your summer holidays by now but I'm just getting excited about mine as I'm off to sunny Cyprus next week and I can't wait!! And my excitement is showing on my nails today as well!

They follow on nicely from Sophie's mix and match design from yesterday as these are holiday mix and match!

Today I have a polka dot bikini, a yummy ice cream, some sunglasses and a beach ball on my finger nails. All with a back ground colour of Barry M - Peach Melba. On my thumb I have a Sex on the Beach cocktail on a background of Essie in white.

These are bright, random and include everything I love about holidays :)

Happy Thursday everyone x

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Happy Wednesday everyone!
I hope you're all having a great week so far!

Today i have done a bit of everything. A bit of a mix and match of nails. For all of these i used Barry M, Essie, Models Own and Tantrum. Quite a few brands there! Mix and Matching is great fun and sometimes they don't even have to match. They can be as random as you like which i think is great as my colour coordination is a bit rubbish!

We would love to see all of your mix and match so tweet it to us @cute_as_nails

Have a lovely day guys!

Monday, 27 August 2012


Fruit salad anyone!!

These are inspired by my 4 year old niece Olivia, again!! She said she thought I should draw fruit on my nails next...so I did!

If you want to get your 5 a day too, here's what brands I used...
The pineapple on my thumb is Barry M's - Lemon and Gold for the crisscross pattern, and Rio nail art pen in Green.
Then I have the insides of an apple, watermelon, orange and kiwi on my other nails. I used Rio again for the White, Black, Red and Green details on all of these. The orange is Barry M - Peach Melba and the Pink of the watermelon is Rimmel.

I did the same on my right hand which is the second picture below. It turned out a bit messier but fruit is messy! And sticky!

Hope these brighten your morning.
Have a fruity Tuesday!!

Thursday, 23 August 2012


These are a bit 'children's T.V presenter' today but I love them - and they really didn't take as long as they look like they would.
I find spots the easiest nail art to do so experimenting with these candy colours was fun!! They remind me of sweets! And I used Barry M's great range for every colour!!
On my other hand I had to concentrate more. But because there is so much colour going on each nail it doesn't matter too much about getting that perfect sized dot each time.

Hope you enjoy this burst of crazy pastel colour and have a great evening!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Silver points.A.S.nails

Helloooooo readers! I hope you're having a good week so far.

Today I have done some pretty simple Black Matte and Silver Points/Triangles (not really sure what to call them).

These are great for day and night. Especially as the new trend is slightly gothic grunge.

To do them I simply painted my nails with 'save the nail' base coat (my nails were getting a bit yellow and this stuff has really helped, its amazing) and then used Barry M Black as my main colour. Once dried I topped it off with Rimmel Pro Matte Finish to give it that fantastic Matte look. Once completely dried I used some tape to create a triangle which I placed on my nails. I then painted on Barry M Silver Foil Effects to create the final product!

I hope you like them and can't wait to see some of your creations!

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, 20 August 2012


These are so cute and so simple! I can't believe Sophie and I haven't tried them before now.
I have Shellac in Wildfire Red on my nails and I really didn't want to take it off just yet so thought about a nail art design I could do to incorporate the red I already have on my nails - and these ladybirds are what I came up with!

I used Rio nail art pens in black and white for her spots, head and eyes! Plus a top coat of Barry M to make them extra shiny and chip resistant.

These don't require too much of a steady hand so if your new to nail art, I'd definitely recommend these to try!!

I hope you like these!! (as much as my niece does - she wants me to do them for her too!)

And send us your ideas...insects seem cuter when they're painted on your nails...:)

Thursday, 16 August 2012


Happy happy Friday you lovely people!!!! You have all made it through another week of work (almost).

Today i have some great but maybe slightly childish Mr. Men nails!! For these i used Models Own for the white base and nail art pens for the detail with Barry M for the different colours. The Mr.Men you will see (starting with the thumb) Mr Tickle, Mr Greedy, Mr Messy, Mr Tall and finally Mr Grumpy. On my other hand I painted them white and wrote Mr. Men on the fingers.

I hope you all like these. They are a bit of fun and very different!

Have a wonderful weekend! Make sure you send us your pics for 'nails of the week'. Follow us @cute_as_nails

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Carrying on the theme from yesterday and Sophie's super cute pastel tashes, I have some cute A.S a button nails for you today!!

My friend came up with this button, needle and thread nail idea! I did her nails for her last night but I told her she had to help me come up with an idea for my nails for today!

I thought it was a great idea and they were simple to do!!
I used Barry M in bubblegum pink first and then Rio and Models Own nail art pens for all the detail. Including Kiss nail paint for the sparkly silver needle!
For the buttons I painted the round spots of colour. When they had dried I painted another ring of the same colour carefully around the edge of the button to create a raised edge like they have!

I haven't seen many like this so we would love to see your button ideas too! Has anyone stuck real buttons onto their nails...

Have a great day :)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Yessssss. It's mid week!!! It's all easy riding now. We hope so anyway.

Today I have done some very simple (but pretty and long named) nails as I was feeling that whatever I did I wouldn't be able to beat Alice's A-MAZ-ING 'where's Wally' nails yesterday.

So here they are (ta-daa). For these nails I used my beautiful new Essie Mint Candy Apple nail varnish (I am loving this colour) and Models Own nail art pens in black and white. On my left hand i did white dots and black moustache's and on my right hand i did white stripes (no, not the band) and black bows. Very simple yet pretty and slightly quirky i think?

Enjoy! And try them out yourselves! You can then show us on Twitter or Instagram @cute_as_nails

Have a lovely day everyone!


Everyone remembers Where's Wally! And today's nails are Wally inspired!
Can you see him :)

I used Rio nail art pens in red and white for the thin stripes to represent his t-shirt and I used Barry M - Peach Melba and Mushroom for his face and hair.

Ben from Eastenders wearing a red striped tee and glasses last night gave me the inspiration!! Which shows you really can get nail art ideas from everything and everywhere!!

This is a random idea but one that I hope you all love!

Enjoy your day!!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Nails of the Week!

Happy Monday! First off i just wanted to say... How AMAZING was the Olympic closing ceremony last night?!?! Loving the Spice Girls!

Sorry this is such a late post, it has been a very long and busy day for me.

This weeks nails are from @ClodaghMcGaga on Twitter and fit in perfectly with one of our posts last week. We love the anchors on the thumb nail the most! Great detail and great colours! Well done, and keep on painting. You have some great designs and ideas!

We hope you all love these as much as we do.

You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram @cute_AS_nails

Friday, 10 August 2012


Hello lovely readers! Its Friday!!!

Today i've done some beautiful and simple silver tip nails. These are great for the weekend as the peach will look beautiful in the day and the touch of silver takes it into a great night mani.

For these I used Barry M Peach Melba and Silver Foil Effects. I also added Rimmel Pro Matte Finish on top of the peach before adding the silver to give it that matte finish.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I hope it's sunny!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Todays nail art is quite dark for me usually but I just love this black glitter nail varnish by Barry M!
I've teamed it with Barry M - Gold for a great metallic touch!
On my ring finger I've done a contrasting gold leopard print.

For this I just dotted on Barry M - Copper and then used a black Rio nail art pen to outline to get that print. It's so easy!
On my right hand I did the colours in the opposite pattern.

These are quick and simple to do but glittery and eye catching!! Try them :)

Have a lovely day!!


I hope your week is going well.

So i know the collar craze has been around for a while now but the other day i bought a new denim shirt with the greatest studded collar which gave me the idea for these wonderful collar nails.

For these nails i used a mixture of Barry M (mint green, grey, nude, silver foil effects and mushroom) and Tantrum nail colours and the detail with Models Own (nail art pens and white). I love these as each nail is different and you can be as creative as you like with them. I didn't quite know what to have on my thumb nail so I thought it would be a bit quirky to have a girl on it. So there she is with her fringe and glasses on! On my other hand i painted them the same colours (different order) and made them look like skirts. So that makes it tops and bottoms!

Enjoy these! We want to see your nail art too! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @cute_AS_nails

Have a great day!!

Monday, 6 August 2012


The first nail art of the week from us are these fun and on trend nautical nails!

With nautical it's great because you can do so many different designs! I've stuck to the traditional red, white and blue (plus they are nicely patriotic at the moment with these colours!)
The boat print idea came from a scarf that we sell in the shop I work in, which I love. I often get ideas and colour combos for my nails from clothes I see.

I wanted to change it slightly by adding a contrasting pattern that still went with the theme so I chose red and white stripes. I've also posted a picture of my right hand in the opposite patterns.

I used Rimmel for the red and blue and the white was Rio nail pen.

Have a lovely day and don't forget to send us your nautical nails...

Nails of the week!!

Today we have some Olympic nails from one of our fans on twitter. We love them as they incorporate everything Olympic!! Well done Dawn, keep up the good ideas!

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Thursday, 2 August 2012


Happy Friday!!! Woo it's nearly the weekend!! I'm extremely jealous of my boyfriend today as he has a sports day with his work - which basically means sitting in a park, having a few drinks and doing a bit of sport. What an easy day! Today the athletics start so its a busy day for me!!

Todays I have done some little Olympians on my nails with 2012 London on my thumb. I hope you can see the thumb! For these nails I used Models Own for the white base and their nail art pens to draw the people. There's swimming/diving, cycling, running and gymnastics. I have dotted the Olympic colours on my thumb to make it a bit colourful. On the other hand I just did the dots on my fingers and a union jack on my thumb.

We want to see your Olympic nails! Follow us on Twitter @cute_AS_nails and also on Instagram (it's the same name as Twitter)

Enjoy your weekend everyone! GO TEAM GB!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


We did it!! Our first gold medals yesterday!! So today we have another nail art design in honour of our Great British team.
We decided to make it an Olympic week for our nails!

The base colour is Essie. It's a pearly white which I love! I use it so much.
On the thumb I attempted the 2012 logo...so hopefully you can see what it is!
And on my two middle fingers I have the two gold medals using Barry M's GOLD!!
For the rest of the detail I have used Rio, Kiss and Models Own pens.

I didn't do exactly the same design on my right hand because it would have been really, really hard.
So I mixed it up by doing the things I find a bit easier. Trying to do the 2012 logo with my non-writing hand would have been a bad idea!

Have a lovely day.

And GO team GB for more medals today!!