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Alice and Sophie

Monday, 20 August 2012


These are so cute and so simple! I can't believe Sophie and I haven't tried them before now.
I have Shellac in Wildfire Red on my nails and I really didn't want to take it off just yet so thought about a nail art design I could do to incorporate the red I already have on my nails - and these ladybirds are what I came up with!

I used Rio nail art pens in black and white for her spots, head and eyes! Plus a top coat of Barry M to make them extra shiny and chip resistant.

These don't require too much of a steady hand so if your new to nail art, I'd definitely recommend these to try!!

I hope you like these!! (as much as my niece does - she wants me to do them for her too!)

And send us your ideas...insects seem cuter when they're painted on your nails...:)

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