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Alice and Sophie

Monday, 27 August 2012


Fruit salad anyone!!

These are inspired by my 4 year old niece Olivia, again!! She said she thought I should draw fruit on my nails next...so I did!

If you want to get your 5 a day too, here's what brands I used...
The pineapple on my thumb is Barry M's - Lemon and Gold for the crisscross pattern, and Rio nail art pen in Green.
Then I have the insides of an apple, watermelon, orange and kiwi on my other nails. I used Rio again for the White, Black, Red and Green details on all of these. The orange is Barry M - Peach Melba and the Pink of the watermelon is Rimmel.

I did the same on my right hand which is the second picture below. It turned out a bit messier but fruit is messy! And sticky!

Hope these brighten your morning.
Have a fruity Tuesday!!

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