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Alice and Sophie

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Today is the day that Halloween nail art really counts so I hope you all are sporting some super spooky nails.

Today I have some great pumpkin nails. Halloween isn't the same without some pumpkins around the house. For these I used Barry M tangerine and Models Own nail art pen in black. These are great as you can do a variety of pumpkin faces or the same on each nail. If you haven't got some Halloween nails already I think you should give these easy nails a go!

We will be carrying on the Halloween nail art all week as like me you may have some parties to attend at the weekend. If you would like to show us your spooky nails (we would LOVE to see them) then show us on twitter @cute_as_nails

I hope you have a frightfully good day everyone!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


It's Halloween tomorrow and this week we're having a bit of a themed week!! Soph's wicked skeleton nails yesterday were amazing to start the week with and today I am treating you to some creepy dripping blood nails that I've done. (and I couldn't resist showing my carved pirate skull pumpkin in one of the photo's too haha)

I've used this gorgeous subtle nude colour by Barry M for the main base colour. I used around 3 coats to get a nice pinky colour. For the blood I used a nail art pen to create the drips.

These are so easy to do and perfect to match with any Halloween costume. I love these two colours together but for more of an effect you could try a black background with red drips. Or even black with lime green drips to look like slime!!

Have a great Halloween everyone!!

Monday, 29 October 2012


Hello readers! I know we haven't posted for over a week but I have been away up North where there was no internet or signal... Nightmare for a blogger!

I hope you have all had a good week and have been practising and trying out some great Halloween nail art!

Here are my first Halloween nails.... Skeletons!! For these I used Barry M's Black and Black Multi Glitter and Models Own White Nail Art Pen for the skeleton detail. This is an easy and fun Halloween nail art that you can all do.

Anyway... We will have some more Halloween nails this week so you can all get some ideas for any Halloween parties!

Friday, 19 October 2012


Happy Friday!!! So i know this is terribly titled but we seem to have a lot of spotty/stripes titles. Alice's Halloween nails have been great this week and I am planning to start doing some scary nails next week!

So today I have some pretty matte grey nails using Models Own 'pinky grey' and 'battleship grey' and then a pretty pink nail using Essie's 'Muchi Muchi' (I seem to over use this one!). I used the different colours for spots and also a white nail are pen - I also used this for the single line on my thumb and pinky. I topped these off with Rimmel pro Matte effect as I love the Matte look! I do think these would look just as great with a nice shine too.

Another note... On Barry M's Facebook page yesterday they were asking what colour nail art pens people would want if they were to do some. We are very much hoping they will be doing some pens as they are pretty essential when trying out nail art. We love Barry M polishes and can't wait for these new additions to their ever growing collection (and ours!)! What do you all think?

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Thursday, 18 October 2012


Some more Halloween inspired nails for you today...but a lot more subtle!

I love the Rimmel Lycra nail polish in this gorgeous red colour! I'm going for a spooky, monster feel so the blood red matches nicely with the fangs on my accent nail!!

I've got two coats of red and a clear top coat (by Barry M) so that's how I've got the amazing glossy shine. For the vampire fangs I used Rio nail art pens in black and white - again proving you don't have to have an array of fancy colours.
Just grab a couple of £5 nail art pens in the colours you think you will use most and you can do so much with them.

I carefully used the white to give a rough feel of what i wanted the teeth to look like and then used the black to outline it to make them look neater. Finally colouring in the middle of the 'mouth' in black too! And they're done. Easy!!

Have a great Thursday. And don't forget to send Sophie and I your very own Halloween nail art!!

Monday, 15 October 2012


Today I've finally got around to doing some Halloween themed nail art When I started thinking about it there are so many ideas to chose from!! I will probably try out some more in the next couple of weeks.

But for these I've done:
a Pumpkin face, Mummy face, Vampire face, Frankenstein face and a Ghost. All you need for these are black and white nail art pens for the detail so anyone can try them - you don't have to have masses of fancy colours!

I hope you like these scary faces!! My favourite is the mummy. When I was looking at some other Halloween designs online I saw some amazing Exorcist ones!! I think that's my favourite scary movie!

What Halloween nail art have you come up with? Sophie and I would love to see :)

Friday, 12 October 2012


Yes that's right, it's Pink Friday again! Yay! So if you're not aware Pink Friday's are there to raise awareness for Breast Cancer and donate to such a worthy charity. So get those pink polishes, clothes, lipstick and anything else pink so raise awareness!

Today i have some very girly, glittery and pink nails. For these I used Muchi Muchi by Essie - a very beautiful pale pink, and for the glitter fade I used Disco Inferno by Models Own from the Mirrorball collection. I love Essie's colours and thick brushes as they are easy to apply and have a wonderful finish. The Glitter fade was easy to do and I did just end up blobbing (technical term again) most of it on the tips! Make sure you add a top coat otherwise you will find the glitter being a bit prickly and you want it nice and smoothhhhh.

Just a quick note...

If you would like to sponsor my lovely friend Harry to have his head shaved then please visit the justgiving pages....

Click here for MS Society.

And click here for Breast Cancer Care

Thank you everyone! Enjoy your weekend! X

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Hello readers! Sorry for the late-ish post!

Today I am very excited to use and show you my first new purchase's from Models Own sale!!

Here we go... Camouflage nails!! For these I used my new Grace Green by Models Own for the base colour and then i did one accent nail as I didn't want to go OTT on the camouflage! For this nail I just did random blobbing (probably not the technical term) using Fall Brown (Models Own Pro) and Concrete Mix - very strange name if you ask me!!

These are easy, earthy and very much go with this seasons army/camo style.
The Models Own polishes are nice and thick and you really only have to do one thick coat which I love.

I hope you like them everyone. I hope you've had a lovely day. Not long until the weekend!!

Monday, 8 October 2012


These are my first attempt at some tribal inspired nails. I like having just the thumb and ring finger with the pattern on but I am planning to get better at these tricky tribal designs so I can do it on every finger nail with ease!!
Ive seen a lot of tribal nail wraps around but thought I would try and do them free hand.
I found that as long as you use the same colours on each nail and do a combination of stripes, dots and zig-zags it will look tribal! And the colours don't even have to match! For example, I chose orange, yellow red and blue which don't match at all!! The more they clash, the better!
You can design different patterns on each nail which is great to experiment with. Just add in white and black - I used Rio nail art pens.
The orange is Barry M Gelly Nail Polish in Satsuma (which I'm still loving).

Have a good day!

Friday, 5 October 2012


Friday funday!!! As you all know it is Breast Cancer Awareness month! At my work we're doing different things every Friday including having a sponsored head shave (not me!) but mainly dressing in pink! Today i also have some Think Pink Breast cancer nails!

For these I used Essie's Muchi Muchi for the base and then Models Own pink and white nail art pens, including Tantrums pale pink nail art pen.

These are simple nails and people will notice them then, maybe even donate to such a great cause! Remember every penny counts! You could even paint peoples nails at work if they donate some money.

Just a quick note...

If you would like to sponsor my lovely friend Harry to have his head shaved then please text MINI64 and the amount (eg. MINI64 £5) For Breast Cancer Care and MINI67 and the amount for MS Society (a charity close to Harrys heart) to 70070. Or you can visit the justgiving pages....

Click here for MS Society.

And click here for Breast Cancer Care

Thank you everyone! Enjoy your weekend! X

Thursday, 4 October 2012


Bit of a rubbish name today, but I wasn't sure what to call these...

Anyway, I love them because of their rich autumnal colours - and I love the orange and gold together!

The orange is the fantastic Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint by Barry M in Satsuma. I've been dying to try them, especially this colour, after reading Sophie's review a few weeks ago and I was SO impressed!
I did add a clear top coat because I don't want it to chip and I want it to last for the weekend but I didn't need to - its so shiny!!

My accent ring finger nail has a coat (or 3) of the the Models Own Mirrorball collection gold glitter called Disco Inferno.

I hope you like these. What autumn colours have you experimented with? We'd love to see. Have a great weekend!

Monday, 1 October 2012


Today I've got some super sparkly nails to show you all!! And they are curtesy of Models Own Mirrorball collection.

We won these beauties by entering a competition and I am loving the prize.

I've chosen the greeny/gold one that's called Dancing Queen, with a layer of the pink one on top which is called Hot Stuff!
They also come in:
Blue - Freak Out!
Gold - Disco Inferno
Purple - Boogie Nights.
I'm loving the 70's names too! They cost £5 a bottle or a set of 5 is £20.

It's a clear varnish with lots of glitter so I had to do about two or three coats in total to get this great burst of glitzyness!! The great thing about these are you can wear them alone, over another colour base coat or use as a gradual frosting effect!

Finally make sure you paint a layer of clear top coat to get a smooth finish otherwise it might be a bit rough and not last as long.

I hope this inspires you all to try these out and, as Models Own say, take your nails from boring to BLING!

Have a great day!


Hello readers! It's Monday which means the start of another week of work until we can all play again!

Today I have (something I struggled to name) some 'falling spots' nails. These were very easy to do so you can all have a go and it would be great to see what colour combinations you can all come up with. For mine I used Barry M grey and Models Own white nail art pen to do the spots and stripes. I also wanted to add a matte effect so I used Rimmel Pro Matte effect before I did the spots to give it a bit of contrast. You can always use a dotting tool or even a tooth pick for the spots.

Anyway you lovely readers, I hope your Monday isn't too bad. Just keep on smiling!