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Alice and Sophie

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Hello readers! Sorry for the late-ish post!

Today I am very excited to use and show you my first new purchase's from Models Own sale!!

Here we go... Camouflage nails!! For these I used my new Grace Green by Models Own for the base colour and then i did one accent nail as I didn't want to go OTT on the camouflage! For this nail I just did random blobbing (probably not the technical term) using Fall Brown (Models Own Pro) and Concrete Mix - very strange name if you ask me!!

These are easy, earthy and very much go with this seasons army/camo style.
The Models Own polishes are nice and thick and you really only have to do one thick coat which I love.

I hope you like them everyone. I hope you've had a lovely day. Not long until the weekend!!

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