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Alice and Sophie

Thursday, 18 October 2012


Some more Halloween inspired nails for you today...but a lot more subtle!

I love the Rimmel Lycra nail polish in this gorgeous red colour! I'm going for a spooky, monster feel so the blood red matches nicely with the fangs on my accent nail!!

I've got two coats of red and a clear top coat (by Barry M) so that's how I've got the amazing glossy shine. For the vampire fangs I used Rio nail art pens in black and white - again proving you don't have to have an array of fancy colours.
Just grab a couple of £5 nail art pens in the colours you think you will use most and you can do so much with them.

I carefully used the white to give a rough feel of what i wanted the teeth to look like and then used the black to outline it to make them look neater. Finally colouring in the middle of the 'mouth' in black too! And they're done. Easy!!

Have a great Thursday. And don't forget to send Sophie and I your very own Halloween nail art!!

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