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Alice and Sophie

Sunday, 7 July 2013


Summer and everything that comes with it is officially here (Shhh don't scare it away...) so we continue the Summery themed nails this week with some fruity Watermelon nail art!!

The red is actually OPI's 'Red Lights Ahead...Where?' that I had on last week but got bored of. So I just added a green tip using Barry M Gelly in Key Lime green, a thin white line underneath the green and then added some black dots for the watermelon pips.
So simple!

Nothing beats juicy watermelon on a hot day.

Enjoy the sunshine!! ☀ūüćČ

Monday, 1 July 2013


Happy Monday, and Happy July!!

These new nail art designs of mine are making me feel all summery!! I've named them Ombré Aztec (the pink-yellow-green tie dye effect + the black tribal print over the top).

To achieve the fading ombré effect I used a small piece of clean sponge. I dabbed the nail polish onto the sponge in the order I wanted, letting the colours touch and blend. Then carefully I pressed the colour combo sponge over the nails!

I went for all Barry M nail polishes:
Fuchsia pink
Lemon ice cream yellow
NEW Gelly Hi Shine in Key Lime green
And I used the fab Black Barry M nail art pen.

Wait a couple of minutes for them to dry slightly and then use a cotton bud and nail varnish to clean up the excess nail varnish that got on the skin around your nails.
Finally, using a black nail art pen, carefully draw your Aztec prints. I used a swirl, a few dots, a triangle shape and a zig zag on each nail to create this effect.

Try them! They're super summery. Don't forget to use a clear base & top coat to keep them on for longer. Mine a still chip free as I type!!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


To complete my review of my share of the new summer launches from Barry M I have a post for you on the New Sequin Effects nail paint in the Pink colour!!

This new effect has a rich formula packed densely with sequin specs and is the perfect way to create a dramatic 3D effect on your nails.
Unlike the Confetti effect, these have a colour to them aswell as the sequin pieces. They also don't have as many pieces crammed in as the Confetti sprinkles but because there is a base colour you don't really need there to be.
You can still get away with applying just one coat and still having a good coverage of Sequins. In my photo I used two coats.

They come in 3 colours:
Black - black base colour with Gold sequins in
(Sophie will be reviewing this one at a later date)
White - white base with multicolored sequins in (Sophie will be reviewing this one at a later date)
And Pink - pink base with multicolored sequins in

I used my Pink Sequin Effect nail paint over a mint green colour. I wanted to pair it with a shade that was a similar pastel to the pinky base coat but also light enough to not distract from the textured sparkle that the sequin effect gives.

Sequin Nail Effects Nail Paint launched on May 8th so are online and instore already for just £3.99!! What are you waiting for :)

Sophie will be giving her own take on her share of the Barry M launches soon so sit tight and watch this space...x


Following on from yesterday's review of the Confetti effects, today I will be showing you 3 of the fantastic new Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint summer colours that they have added to their collection.

There are FIVE new colours in total but Sophie and I are being good girls and sharing them :)

The shades are:

Key Lime - a Lime Green
Guava - Teal
(Sophie will be reviewing this colour at a later date)
Passion Fruit - Pink/Red (Sophie will be reviewing this colour at a later date)
Blue Grape - Cobalt Blue
And Mango - Orange

When I received these I firstly tried them out on their own. See how shiny they are in the photos? This is with no top coat!... I promise! SO glossy!!

Then, I also used them to incorporate our favourite thing on our blog...nail art!
So I have also posted a photo of some Comic Book themed nail art using my three new Gelly nail paint shades!
(I also, of course, used the black & white Nail Art Pens from Barry M to create this design!)

Whether you are using them on their own, with an effect varnish top coat or to incorporate with some nail art, believe us...these will be your go-to shades this Summer for an extra glossy mani at only £3.99 per bottle!!

The official store launch dates are on June 5th in Superdrug & June 12th in Boots.

Have a great day x


As promised here is my review on the fantastic NEW range of Barry M Confetti Nail Effect nail polishes!!

They have come up with another fabulous effect nail polish that bring a fun, Summer pop to your nails. It's so different to anything they have done before, or indeed other brands have done. And at just £3.99 each what more could you ask for!

The clear varnish is FILLED with confetti sprinkles that brush over the nail.
The best thing I found about them is that you can mix and match the Confetti colours with your favorite colour varnishes as a top coat OR you can build the Confetti effect by using a couple of coats over no colour at all! And because the bottles are literally full with confetti sprinkles you only have to do two coats to get a great effect!! (Unlike other similar products I've tried in the past where you would have to apply 4 or 5 coats just for the pieces to build up!)
They also dry amazingly quickly and smoothly. You can, but I didn't even feel I had to use a clear top coat over them.

These sweet inspired shades come in FIVE colours...amazing!!
I can see where the candy inspiration comes from as you truly can 'Pick and Mix' the shades to go with so many other colour base coats. This creates hundreds of different options and therefore making them even more of a bargain!

The shades are:

Dolly Mixture - a subtle Gold/Multi mix
Liquorice - Black & White
Marshmallow - Pale Pink
Bubblegum - a turquoise Blue
And Sour Apple - Green

As Sophie and I are like sisters, we are very good at sharing...;)
So when we received the new Summer launches from Barry M we divided them up equally so we could review then fairly.

I was lucky enough to get 4 of the Confetti effect polishes so my photos are of all of them apart from the Sour Apple (which Sophie will be posting about soon.)
In all of my photos they show just one layer of the Confetti sprinkles so you can see how well it applies.

First up is Liquorice (my favourite!), and I've layered it over the New Barry M Blue Grape Gelly Hi Shine polish. I LOVE these and think they look great together!!

Secondly I tried Dolly Mixture over the New Barry M Mango Gelly Hi Shine polish.

Next is Marshmallow over Barry M Lychee Gelly Hi Shine polish. (N.B. This Gelly colour polish is already in the shops!)

And finally is the Bubblegum over the New Barry M KeyLime Gelly Hi Shine polish.

(Please note - we are reviewing the other Barry M Summer launches too! They include the Sequin Effects and the New summer colours of the Gelly Hi Shine polishes, some of which I have used in my photos today to tease you!....so watch this space!)

These Confetti beauties are available instore on June 5th in Superdrug, and June 12th in Boots...Not long now!!

Good luck trying to choose just one! :)

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


We wanted let you know that we will soon be reviewing the wonderful new Barry M summer releases which include:

The Hi Shine Gelly polishes in 5 new exotic fruit inspired colours
Five new Nail Effect polishes which give Confetti sprinkle effects
And 3 new Sequin Effect polishes too...

So exciting!

But for this evening I wanted to share my current nails. More paisley nails but this time in Pink and White.

I'm still loving the Barry M Nail Art Pens so what else would I use for these!

So cute and easy to do.

Stay tuned for our Barry M reviews later this week...

Thursday, 18 April 2013


Second post of the week!! (Almost unheard of for us recently)

I just wanted to share my skull nail art design using the fabulous new Barry M nail art pens. I've done this design before but I just love how easy they are to do but also how effective the outcome is. Skulls/skull print is around quite a lot still so thought I'd give them new life - if that's even possible for a skull...!
This time I tried out the Black pen for the first time and used the White again. We are yet to test try the Silver colour but I'm sure it won't be long and we will be sure to show you what we come up with.

These pens are so easy to use. They have great consistency, dry amazingly quickly (no gloopy-ness!) and are a perfect size to hold & grip to keep your hand steady. I just hope that one day they are available in more colours!

As I mentioned in our last post, these beauts are available in Boots, Superdrug and on the Barry M website already. They are priced at £4.99 each and they come in Black, White, Silver & Pink.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Hey hey!! This is the first of two blog post/reviews for the new, eagerly awaited Barry M Nail Art Pens!!

I first heard rumors of these pens a few months ago and felt very excited - our favorite brand, doing a nail art pen = a dream for us!
Then a couple of weeks ago a parcel full of the new summer launch Barry M goodies arrived, including these fab new nail art pens in 4 different colours! Lucky Sophie & I!!
And it can be lucky you too! These babies are out in Superdrug and on the Barry M website already. And they are also able in Boots stores tomorrow (17th April)!!
They are priced at £4.99 each and they come in Black, White, Silver & Pink.
They have a fine tip (a little like a felt tip pen) meaning they are so easy to use on the nail. On the first use just remember to pump the tip until the colour starts to flow. They dry very quickly, i had no problems with smudging or running. & with a clear top coat over the design, they last on the nail for ages! I think they're brilliant!!

You can see below what I came up with using the Pink & White pens and look out for my second post using the Silver & Black too.

This floral design is to celebrate the Spring and the sun finally peeping its head through the clouds lately!
I've named them Cath Kidston nails, mainly because we've used the name 'floral' before but also because that is where my inspiration came from. I think they are lovely and subtle but also so very easy to do! With a little help from my Barry M nail art pens of course :)

Sunday, 31 March 2013


Happy Easter!

It's officially Easter Sunday (after all that changing the clocks and losing an hour confusion!) so we can officially eat chocolate all day without it being frowned upon!

I'm away in Devon with the boyfriend, dog and my family and today we will be eating mostly, I imagine.
Later my sister and I will be hiding all the little eggs and furry chicks around the garden for the Easter Egg hunt for the kids...making sure the dog doesn't find them first! And we're having a big BBQ this afternoon.

Sophie's and my Easter nail designs sum up Easter and Spring for me. Baby chicks & bunnies, speckled eggs and pastel colours.
We've both used Barry M's great pastel shades, including their new textured effect nail polish. Sophie used their blue and pink textured effect. And used their green and yellow.
(I think the textured yellow on the chick and pink on the bunny work especially well, making them look all fuzzy and cute!)

What do you think of our Easter designs? Has anyone tried any Hot Cross Bun nail art? What sums up Easter for you?

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


We thought we'd treat you to another cheeky post today!

I mentioned in our last one (Red Nose Day nails) that Soph and I are quite busy with work and other bits & bobs at the moment. But we have agreed to squeeze in some nail art time whenever we can and keep writing blog posts as often as possible.
It's coming up to Cute.AS.Nails' 1 year anniversary in May and we are so grateful for all the wonderful feedback, compliments, followers and views that have gained in that time. That is why we hope you can bear with us for now but continue to look to our blog for inspiration and tips in everything nails!!

Now, these Paisley print inspired nails actually took me about an hour to do!! But I think they are totally worth it.
It mainly took that long because I decided to use Shellac colours instead of regular nail polish. With CND Shellac products (and like all other Gel products) you cure each layer under a UV lamp so a full Shellac manicure alone can take around 40 minutes.
I wanted to keep this design on for a while without any chips or scratches which is why I opted for the gel polishes instead. And the decision (and the time put in!) paid off because they are still looking shiny and chip free as I type!
(Products used are: Cnd Shellac Base Coat & Top Coat, Cnd Shellac in 'Fedora' and for detail Cnd Shellac 'Studio White' + nail art brush)

Below I've also added a photo of some of my Paisley print inspiration that I think are really beautiful and show that Paisley works in every colour and on any canvas! Whether its a gorgeous silk scarf, Henna on your skin or a repeat print on your nails :)

What do you think about Paisley? Have you tried similar designs on your nails? What colour combo's did you go for?

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Red Nose Day 2013 is fast approaching so, of course, we have some themed nail art to celebrate the occasion.
This Friday 15th March is officially the day for doing 'something funny for money' so whether its pence or pounds, hair removal or a bake off - good for you!
Sophie and I wish we'd been a bit more organised and planned a nail art fund raiser. We've both been so busy over the last month with work so unfortunately we just haven't had time, hence the lack of blog posts too, so massive apologies for that also!
But I hope these Comic Relief nails can make up for it just a little!!

I've used nail art paints in black and white, with Barry M's bright red to create these. As you can see I've included the recognisable name of the day on the thumb nail, red nose spots and the 2013 face of one of the red noses that you can buy in the shops.

Thursday, 14 February 2013


Whether you're ignoring the flowers, cards & chocolates around you, having a single girly night in or out, or showing off to the world how in love you and your partner are...St.Valentine would be proud!! And we couldn't let the day pass without giving you a pink/red/sparky/heart themed nail art day!! So here are a few...

Happy Valentines Day to all our lovely fellow nail lovers!!

Enjoy xx

Friday, 8 February 2013


Hello readers!

Finally we have for you a look at the new Textured Nail Effects by Barry M!! A very quirky and different nail paint that you'll either LOVE or HATE. This gritty, grainy matte polish creates a VERY unique effect and comes in four different Spring/Summer shades named after famous haunts where Mr Barry Mero began his early working days in the markets of Ridley Road and Brixton. Ridley Road (Green) TNP4, Kingsland Road (Pink) TNP3, Station Road (Yellow) TNP2, Atlantic Road (Blue) TNP1.Once you've painted on the first coat the effect starts showing after a couple of seconds. If you want to be a bit different then this is the kind of polish for you!

First lets look at Ridley Road, a lovely pastel green. This colour is very similar to Barry M's Mint Green which is actually one of my favourites. Just one thick coat will do just fine but you can do an extra one if you want it to last a bit longer! I would suggest you use a base coat to protect your nails but not a top coat as you don't want to ruin the matte effect. This is such a lovely spring/summer shade that you won't want to be without - with the bonus of the quirky effect!

Secondly we have Station Road which is a very summery yellow with a slight shimmer. This colour is a little like Barry M's Baby Yellow or Lemon. With this colour you should definitely use a base coat as it may stain your nails a bit and when taking it off I suggest you wash your hands as the shimmer decides it wants to stay on your fingers! We used 2-3 coats of this as it does come out quite streaky with one. Alice tried this with a top coat - it doesn't look as good as it takes away the effect a bit however it makes the shimmer more noticeable. Again the effect makes it unique however someone has compared it to rust - not good.

Next is Atlantic Road which is a lovely pale blue. This reminds me a little of blu tack which has been stuck to come sort of fabric. I used 2 coats for this but 1 thick coat will do. Again it is a great spring/summer colour and the grainy effect really stands out. I think this colour shows the effect off most which really makes people notice the effect - this can be a good and bad thing! When wearing this I had a few comments on what it looks like, I think the best description was sandpaper!

Finally we have Kingsland Road which is a very pretty pastel pink. This is my favourite as it is a beautiful colour and the effect is subtle but noticeable! I used 2 coats as I wanted to make it look thicker. I teamed this up with the Greenberry Gelly Paint and they complimented each other perfectly. For this I did not use a top coat and the matte effect makes it stand out a lot more. As you may notice the effect is not as noticeable, you may want to use more coats to create more of an effect.

I found with all of these they dried quickly which is what we all want! They last well however, as they don't have a top coat they may chip slightly easier. I tried using a matte top coat just to protect them but you lose a lot of the effect :(

I know you all want to know when they are out so here is the final bit from me... These great nail paints are a wonderful price of  £3.99 and are available in Superdrug February 13th & Boots February 20th.  Products will also launch on barrym.com on February 13th

Enjoy! Let us know what your favourite is!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Morning lovely readers!!

Today is my post on reviewing the amazing new exotic fruit inspired shades of Barry M's Hi Shine Gelly Nail Paint! Four new beautiful pastel shades to add to their collection for 2013 that will give you an instant buzz of Spring excitement!

I'm sure most of you would have tried the Barry M Gelly range when they first hit the shelves last summer.
But for those of you that haven't...they are nail polishes but with a fantastic twist.
They're easy to apply, give an extra shiny, freshly manicured finish but without the fuss of salon visits, prices or UV lamps. They go on smoothly, without streaks or patches and they set (just like jelly!) giving an even finish. As they have a slightly thicker consistency you don't need to use as much, making the bottle last longer - tick!!
But best of all it has a glossy, eye catching shine! I love it when products do what they say they will so this Gelly Hi Shine definitely doesn't disappoint!

The new colours:
First is Lychee (GNP10). I would describe the colour as a beige-y, very pale grey or mushroom. The kind of shade that will go with most colours, which is great if you have a range of colours in your wardrobe. You don't have to think too much about your clothes & nails clashing! Equally it looks great if you wear a lot of black & muted tones as it gives a slight monochrome feel. For this shade I applied two coats as its such a light colour. I found it dried particularly fast too. Something that is very high on every girls nail paint wish list!

Next is Papaya (GNP13). A beautiful pastel orange/coral colour and my personal favourite. It's the perfect colour for Spring that will carry you right through to Summer too! I found just one coat of this beauty was enough to get the same gel effect (but I added another as I wanted it to last as long as possible because I love the colour so much!) I've had this on since Saturday and its still looking pretty good! A couple of small chips which aren't that noticeable and still has that great shine.

The third fruity shade is Dragon Fruit (GNP11). This is a lovely pink colour with a slight shimmer to it so it will subtly show on your nails in the right light. With this I had to use 2-3 coats to make it look thick and gelly like but again it dries relatively quickly. (Not as fast as the new Barry M Textured Effects nail paint dries! But more on them later in the week...!) This is a very girly colour but will suit all skin tones.

And last but not least is Green Berry (GNP12). Sophie's favourite. She found that just one thick coat did the trick. She loved the shade and loved that it's not similar to any other colour that you can buy out there. As you can tell from the name it's green but its almost a turquoise shade.

They didn't need it because of the glossy shine but I also added, and would recommend, a clear top coat on all colours to prevent them from chipping.
All four new shades sum up a perfect Spring colour pallet and make me think of pretty flowers and little lambs jumping around on fresh green grass!

'So how much are they and when can we get our fingertips on them!?' I hear you cry!

Each new Barry M Hi Shine Gelly nail paint cost only £3.99 and the launch dates are:
Superdrug - February 13th
Boots - February 20th
Products will also launch on barrym.com on February 13th


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Mascara Monday!


Today we have something a little different...ok, quite a lot different!
I'm reviewing some eye make up we kindly got sent from Barry M!
Sophie and I are girly girls and we love wearing,trying & buying new make up as well as nail polish.
So when we received the new Barry M mascara and 3 new gel eyeliners (along with the 4 new Effects nail varnishes and 4 new Gelly Hi Shine nail varnishes) we were ever so pleased! And thought it would be rude not to dedicate a blog post to the eye make up too.
So today is Mascara Monday here at Cute.A.S!! (We will be doing our Effect & Gelly polish blog reviews later in the week, do not fear!)

I applied two coats of Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara, Jet Black. (The first photo is with one coat and the second photo is with two.) I usually apply two coats as I like my eyes to look a little darker and my lashes to look as long as possible! It lasted well, all day, and was easy to remove with a make up remover wipe. The best thing about this mascara is its spiral wand which means you don't miss any lashes out! Plus I could use the end of the wand to catch my bottom lashes gently without poking myself in the eye! As I have done previously with mascara wands in the past which have too many bristles at the very tip. The perfectly named Lash Vegas mascara is available in jet black and costs just £6.49.

I also tried out the new Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Silver. (Which I hope you can see well enough in the second photo of my eye!)
It also comes in Black and Champagne and these cost £4.59. This again lasted very well all day without smudging or fading which I was very impressed about!
I don't usually use gel or liquid eyeliners BUT I have to say I would definitely recommend these and I will be using them in the future!
The little brush is safely tucked away in the lid of the pot of gel. It just pulls out and clips back on so you have the brush there ready to apply the gel with ease with a good steady hand giving you a smooth, sharp line. No messing about! And exactly what you need to pop in your bag for a night out!
The Silver and Champagne colours are perfect for a night out/special occasion and the Black is great for everyday wear!

The NEW Lash Vegas mascara & Waterproof Gel Eyeliners are available in Superdrug from February 13th & Boots from February 20th. Products will also launch on barrym.com on February 13th.

Don't forget to check out our blog posts about Barry M Gelly Hi Shine and Effect polishes later in the week!!

Happy Monday xx

Wednesday, 30 January 2013



So, today I have city number 2 in our countdown of the top cities in the world to visit!! Paris!

Late last year I did some Paris nails to get me all excited and looking forward to my trip away for my birthday, but today's are a little different.
I have tried to focus on the top things you want from you're city break...sight seeing, shopping & food (& drink!)

I've used Barry M's Strawberry Ice-cream for the main base colour, then using black and white nail paint & a nail art brush I added my detail. This includes a cupcake (which I imagine to be sat in the window of a gorgeous little Patisserie in Paris!), a Chanel design beaded necklace (because who doesn't love to shop on holiday!), a pink stripe & lace ring finger nail (French lace/beautiful lingerie inspired!) and finally, of course the most famous and visited landmark in Paris, the Eiffel Tower.

If this design has given you itchy feet and you're looking for the perfect city break to Paris we have some links you should check out below.

For flights click HERE
For hotels click HERE

Does anybody have any recommendations or tips on where to go when visiting the French capital? How about any great salons or nail bars in Paris?

Have a wonderful day! And don't forget...follow us on Twitter :) x

Monday, 28 January 2013


Hello readers!! Here is the first of our 'shopping cities around the world' nails... New York nails!
I have always wanted yo visit New York, not just to shop but to see ALL the sights. I think Christmas would be a lovely time with all the beautiful lights and festive fun!

Have any of you been to New York? Let us know! And tell us what you bought!

For these I used various colours from Barry M and Models Own.Starting with the thumb (I <3 NY) - Models Own Snow White, Black nail art pen and Tantrum red nail art pen. Index finger (Tiffany & co. Box) - Barry M Blue Moon and Models Own White nail art pen. Middle finger (skyline) - Models Own Battleship Grey and black and white nail art pens. Ring finger (5th Ave) - Barry M Watermelon Gelly nail paint, Models Own nail art pen. Finally my pinky (flag) - white as above, Barry M blueberry and Tantrum red pen.

If you're thinking of visiting New York then we have a few links... For flights click HERE and hotels click HERE. If you get to go before us then we would love to hear your recommendations - best shop, best hotel, best coffee shop and best restaurant.

Follow us on Twitter @cute_AS_nails.



Good evening everyone!

We hope you're looking forward to seeing our Cities around the world nail art that Sophie & I are currently working on! We can't wait to show you.

But in the mean time...I have these leopard print beauties to show.

This look is everywhere at the moment. Matte with a contrasting colour/material.
Whether its a black top with a velvet floral print over the top, red trousers with a black velvet leopard print over the top (I'm thinking of some Zara ones in particular!) or matte black nails with a shiny black over the top, like mine.
And as Valentine's Day is just around the corner (eek...!) I thought I'd add these cute pale pink heart shapes to the thumb.
I got them from sparklynails.co.uk and just used a nail glue to stick them down.

The black coat on my nails is actually Shellac - BlackPool that I've had on since last week but I've added a coat of Rimmel London's LYCRA Pro Matte Finish to them. I love it because you can literally see it drying and turning matte!
For the leopard print pattern I firstly tried using my usual black nail paint but it just didn't show up enough on the matte black so I used my thin nail art brush (also from sparklynails) to dip into Barry M's clear top coat bottle and that worked against it much better, as you can see.

Have any of you got any great tips for using matte finish polishes? What about your leopard print designs with a twist?
We would love to hear and see.
Just email us or follow us on Twitter @cute_AS_nails

Friday, 25 January 2013

Shopping Streets around the World!

We have something a little different this week, which for us is quite exciting

There aren’t many of us girls out there that don’t love to shop (Alice and I love a good shop, with a nice tea and cake thrown in!). 
Many a weekend away has been planned solely around the excellent shopping a destination might have waiting for us at the other end, but have you ever gone as far to book a holiday around what shopping you can do there?

This infographic by TravelSupermarket.com takes a look at the best shopping streets around the world so before you go and book your flights take a look at this to see which destinations should be top of your list of must visits.

We took on the challenge to see if we could use this infographic as inspiration for our latest nail art, so the next few posts will incorporate each city. We hope you'll love (or at least like) them and maybe it will inspire you to book a holiday so you can shop away! So keep an eye out for the next few post's, we think you'll enjoy them <3

We would love to know where you think is the best City to shop in and why, and of course, what you bought when you visited it?!

If you have any nail art that relates to any of the cities we have here then we would love to see them, maybe you can inspire us! Just follow us on Twitter @cute_AS_nails or send us a little email. We may feature you in one of our posts (exciting)!  

We look forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Happy New Year!!

Good Evening <3

So, we are 2 weeks into January but we are fiiinally back to work and back to blogging about all things nails!!

It's a depressing time right now, made worse by everyone taking about the January blues (I've heard the most depressing day is officially the 21st!)
But one way to help cheer yourself up is a pamper session, of course starting with your nails! Try it, it will make you happy and it's cheaper than going to a salon ;)

Even though the Christmas decs are down and the sparkly dress is back in the wardrobe I've chosen Barry M's Nude teamed also with their Rose Quartz Glitter to put some sparkle back in my life!
They have some amazing polishes out right now starting from only £2.99 so it's hard to say No! And the great thing about the glitter ones is they aren't rough or spiky to touch. (But do add a top coat to prevent them from chipping.)

Have a wonderful evening
everyone and welcome back!!