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Alice and Sophie

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


To complete my review of my share of the new summer launches from Barry M I have a post for you on the New Sequin Effects nail paint in the Pink colour!!

This new effect has a rich formula packed densely with sequin specs and is the perfect way to create a dramatic 3D effect on your nails.
Unlike the Confetti effect, these have a colour to them aswell as the sequin pieces. They also don't have as many pieces crammed in as the Confetti sprinkles but because there is a base colour you don't really need there to be.
You can still get away with applying just one coat and still having a good coverage of Sequins. In my photo I used two coats.

They come in 3 colours:
Black - black base colour with Gold sequins in
(Sophie will be reviewing this one at a later date)
White - white base with multicolored sequins in (Sophie will be reviewing this one at a later date)
And Pink - pink base with multicolored sequins in

I used my Pink Sequin Effect nail paint over a mint green colour. I wanted to pair it with a shade that was a similar pastel to the pinky base coat but also light enough to not distract from the textured sparkle that the sequin effect gives.

Sequin Nail Effects Nail Paint launched on May 8th so are online and instore already for just £3.99!! What are you waiting for :)

Sophie will be giving her own take on her share of the Barry M launches soon so sit tight and watch this space...x

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