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Alice and Sophie

Monday, 1 July 2013


Happy Monday, and Happy July!!

These new nail art designs of mine are making me feel all summery!! I've named them Ombré Aztec (the pink-yellow-green tie dye effect + the black tribal print over the top).

To achieve the fading ombré effect I used a small piece of clean sponge. I dabbed the nail polish onto the sponge in the order I wanted, letting the colours touch and blend. Then carefully I pressed the colour combo sponge over the nails!

I went for all Barry M nail polishes:
Fuchsia pink
Lemon ice cream yellow
NEW Gelly Hi Shine in Key Lime green
And I used the fab Black Barry M nail art pen.

Wait a couple of minutes for them to dry slightly and then use a cotton bud and nail varnish to clean up the excess nail varnish that got on the skin around your nails.
Finally, using a black nail art pen, carefully draw your Aztec prints. I used a swirl, a few dots, a triangle shape and a zig zag on each nail to create this effect.

Try them! They're super summery. Don't forget to use a clear base & top coat to keep them on for longer. Mine a still chip free as I type!!

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