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Alice and Sophie

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Red Nose Day 2013 is fast approaching so, of course, we have some themed nail art to celebrate the occasion.
This Friday 15th March is officially the day for doing 'something funny for money' so whether its pence or pounds, hair removal or a bake off - good for you!
Sophie and I wish we'd been a bit more organised and planned a nail art fund raiser. We've both been so busy over the last month with work so unfortunately we just haven't had time, hence the lack of blog posts too, so massive apologies for that also!
But I hope these Comic Relief nails can make up for it just a little!!

I've used nail art paints in black and white, with Barry M's bright red to create these. As you can see I've included the recognisable name of the day on the thumb nail, red nose spots and the 2013 face of one of the red noses that you can buy in the shops.

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