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Alice and Sophie

Sunday, 31 March 2013


Happy Easter!

It's officially Easter Sunday (after all that changing the clocks and losing an hour confusion!) so we can officially eat chocolate all day without it being frowned upon!

I'm away in Devon with the boyfriend, dog and my family and today we will be eating mostly, I imagine.
Later my sister and I will be hiding all the little eggs and furry chicks around the garden for the Easter Egg hunt for the kids...making sure the dog doesn't find them first! And we're having a big BBQ this afternoon.

Sophie's and my Easter nail designs sum up Easter and Spring for me. Baby chicks & bunnies, speckled eggs and pastel colours.
We've both used Barry M's great pastel shades, including their new textured effect nail polish. Sophie used their blue and pink textured effect. And used their green and yellow.
(I think the textured yellow on the chick and pink on the bunny work especially well, making them look all fuzzy and cute!)

What do you think of our Easter designs? Has anyone tried any Hot Cross Bun nail art? What sums up Easter for you?

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