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Alice and Sophie

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


We thought we'd treat you to another cheeky post today!

I mentioned in our last one (Red Nose Day nails) that Soph and I are quite busy with work and other bits & bobs at the moment. But we have agreed to squeeze in some nail art time whenever we can and keep writing blog posts as often as possible.
It's coming up to Cute.AS.Nails' 1 year anniversary in May and we are so grateful for all the wonderful feedback, compliments, followers and views that have gained in that time. That is why we hope you can bear with us for now but continue to look to our blog for inspiration and tips in everything nails!!

Now, these Paisley print inspired nails actually took me about an hour to do!! But I think they are totally worth it.
It mainly took that long because I decided to use Shellac colours instead of regular nail polish. With CND Shellac products (and like all other Gel products) you cure each layer under a UV lamp so a full Shellac manicure alone can take around 40 minutes.
I wanted to keep this design on for a while without any chips or scratches which is why I opted for the gel polishes instead. And the decision (and the time put in!) paid off because they are still looking shiny and chip free as I type!
(Products used are: Cnd Shellac Base Coat & Top Coat, Cnd Shellac in 'Fedora' and for detail Cnd Shellac 'Studio White' + nail art brush)

Below I've also added a photo of some of my Paisley print inspiration that I think are really beautiful and show that Paisley works in every colour and on any canvas! Whether its a gorgeous silk scarf, Henna on your skin or a repeat print on your nails :)

What do you think about Paisley? Have you tried similar designs on your nails? What colour combo's did you go for?

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