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Alice and Sophie

Friday, 25 January 2013

Shopping Streets around the World!

We have something a little different this week, which for us is quite exciting

There aren’t many of us girls out there that don’t love to shop (Alice and I love a good shop, with a nice tea and cake thrown in!). 
Many a weekend away has been planned solely around the excellent shopping a destination might have waiting for us at the other end, but have you ever gone as far to book a holiday around what shopping you can do there?

This infographic by TravelSupermarket.com takes a look at the best shopping streets around the world so before you go and book your flights take a look at this to see which destinations should be top of your list of must visits.

We took on the challenge to see if we could use this infographic as inspiration for our latest nail art, so the next few posts will incorporate each city. We hope you'll love (or at least like) them and maybe it will inspire you to book a holiday so you can shop away! So keep an eye out for the next few post's, we think you'll enjoy them <3

We would love to know where you think is the best City to shop in and why, and of course, what you bought when you visited it?!

If you have any nail art that relates to any of the cities we have here then we would love to see them, maybe you can inspire us! Just follow us on Twitter @cute_AS_nails or send us a little email. We may feature you in one of our posts (exciting)!  

We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. I haven't got many to compare to, but OMG New York City - I love love LOVE it!

    So 5th Avenue all the way xx

    1. I have a feeling there will be a lot of New York shopping loving!