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Alice and Sophie

Monday, 10 September 2012


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and managed to enjoy some of the lovely weather we've been having!

So Alice and I have been lucky enough to try out and review Barry M's NEW Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paints! They are a new range that create a very shiny finish in just one coat (which is what we all want in a nail polish). They come in a wide range of colours which we are very excited about - here's a list of them for all our lovely readers: Plum (Purple), Blackberry (Navy), Watermelon (Dark Green), Blood Orange (Red), Blueberry (Light blue), Prickly Pear (Light Purple), Satsuma (Orange), Grapefruit (Pink), Pomegranate (Hot Pink). I don't think i have a favourite yet but I have my eye on a few colours.

So... here we go. We got to try three of these colours - Grapefruit (pink), Pomegranate (hot pink) and Prickly Pear (light purple). Firstly I gave the Grapefruit a go. I used quite a thick coat at first but worked out that it wasn't really necessary as the colour was dark enough to be able to apply a thinner coat. As soon as I applied the polish it was already shiny! Impressed.

 Next one I tried was Pomegranate (hot pink). If you see the bottle you wouldn't really call it a hot pink, I think it is a bit more of a raspberry colour, a darker reddy pink, but I will let you judge the colour. Again I didn't have to use a thick coat, it went on smoothly and the shine was instant. So far Pomegranate is a fave as it stands out more. (Sorry for the shabby painting). One thing I would say about this one is that when you take it off, like all dark nail polishes, it stains your fingers a bit so make sure you wash your hands after in some warm water - that should make it a bit better on your fingers.

Finally I tried Prickly Pear (light purple). For this I started off with a thin coat like the other two however as it is a lot lighter in colour I found you have to do a slightly thicker coat. If you do do a thin coat then you will have to do another coat so if you want to save some time, just do a thick first coat. This colour is more my colour; light and more of a pastel. Again the shine was instant. I think I found a new favourite as well! These polishes are great for a 'just been to the salon for hours' look but with a lot more ease and obviously a lot less time! Another thing I noticed is that they dry particularly quickly - another great plus for this nail polish.

So these lovely polishes will be available on Barry M's website Barrym.com on September 21st and you won't have to save up too much for them as they are only £3.99 each! Amazing! If you can wait and want to buy them in store then they will be launched in Superdrug September 26th and in Boots October 3rd.

Have a lovely day everyone and put that date in your diary's! We know we will be... anyone else like the sound of Watermelon? Mmmmm.


  1. Great review! Do they last any longer than regular nail polish? X

  2. Thank you! Well I've put a colour on today so i will let you know when it starts to chip! X

  3. Love all of these colours! Can't wait to see them in shops :) xx

  4. These colours all look great! I can't wait to try our prickly pear :) x

  5. Its ok, you only have to wait til the 21st to get them!!! That's 11 days! Wooooo x

  6. Are they like having gel nails done? If so, I neeeeed these in my life! x

    1. That is what I was wondering too!

    2. I've never had gel nails done. :( When Alice gets back from her holiday she will give them a go and give you her opinion. Is that ok?

      Sophie x

    3. Of course. You should defo try having gels done one time. Just done a post on it actually :) http://trying2bbeautiful.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/gel-manicure.html x

  7. I love the grapefruit and the prickly pear! x