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Alice and Sophie

Thursday, 21 June 2012


I think the Barry M strawberry ice cream and mint green in my flamingo nails look great together!!
After the base coat of green I did the light pink half moon shapes at the end of each nail next. Then using Kiss nail paint in hot pink I outlined the light pink and did a 'S' shape for the neck and head.
At this point they may not look right but trust me, as soon as you add the beak and goggly eyes, the flamingos take shape!!

These are simple, fun and effective but also a bit different as flamingos aren't the most popular animals you go to see at the zoo!! Even though they do have amazing balance and colour!
Did you know they get their beautiful colour from their diet-mainly algae and prawns..eww!!

Anyway, I'd better flamin-go...and leave you with that fun fact to enjoy these and your day!


  1. Oh my godness your pics of nails are soooo cool! Very talented ladies :0) I love the kite one too! Is it difficult to do your writing hand? I always struggle to do that one as neat!
    I have followed your blog and I hope you can follow me back? http://robinsparkles1.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Hi :) thank you so much it's nice to hear you like our designs. We have followed you back.
    It can be difficult to do your writing hand but lots of practice,maybe with simpler designs to begin with, will definitely help. Keep painting :) xxx