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Alice and Sophie

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Morning nail art lovers!!
I hope you have been finding our tutorials useful!
Please let us know, we would love to have your feedback and see your photos too! Send them over to cute.as.nails1@gmail.com

Plus, who doesn't love getting nice mail?!
Sophie and I send each other little random things in the post sometimes. It makes a nice change from bills!!

And this is what today's nails are based on.
They work quite well because I've just used black, white, red and blue.
So even though I've included details like stamps and the 'Air Mail' envelope print, it's still kept quite simple.
Here I've used black, red and blue Rio nail art pens and Essie nail polish in white for the base colour.
Hope you like them.

Have a lovely Wednesday!!


  1. Once again you have delivered on the amaze factor! Wow oh wow, very talented ladies! x

  2. Ah thank you!! Am starting to beleive nails really can have ANY theme :) love Alice x