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Alice and Sophie

Friday, 29 June 2012


Aaaaaand relax....its Friday!! The weekend is (almost) here! And not a moment too soon in my opinion!!

So. I couldn't let the Wimbledon season slip by without dedicating a nail design to it.
Plus I heard last night that Serena Williams does her own nail art too!! Amazing!

This is a mix 'n match of all things tennis!
For the mini rackets and the court I used Barry M mint green for the base/grass and Rio nail pens for the details. The layered tennis balls on my thumb and single ball on my ring finger are Tantrum's nail paint in lime green and Rio for the detail. And in the middle for half time, using Rio again, we have some juicy layered strawbs!!

Anyone else tried Wimbledon nails yet? Send them (or any other designs) to us at cute.as.nails1@gmail.com and they could be chosen as our Nails of the Week! (Coming soon...)

Hope you love these!! (But not as in the tennis score 'love' because that is zero..) And have a lovely weekend!!

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