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Alice and Sophie

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Goood Morning!!
I struggled naming these nails... People call them laser nails but i don't really like that however, i couldn't think of a snappy title (i liked colour block nails - too long) so laser nails it is!!

So these are gorgeous to look at and easy to do!

1. First you start off by choosing what colours you want together. Here i went for Barry M Peach Melba, Mint Green, Grey and Silver Foil Effects.

2. You will need to cut up small strips of selotape - you can buy thin tape but cutting your own means that all the lines will be different widths.

3. Paint a base coat and the colour you want the lines on all of your nails. I went for Peach Melba on one hand and Foil Effects on the other. Let these dry otherwise the tape will ruin them!

4. Place as many strips of tape onto your nail but in some sort of pattern. I used 3 per nails.

5. Paint your different colours in the blocks outlined by selotape. You can try doing the whole nail in one colour or mix it up and try a few.

6. You need to let this dry a little bit otherwise the colours will merge into each other! Once you think it won't run (it should be slightly tacky) start to peel off the selotape strips to reveal your base colour!

Finally you should always cover in a top coat to protect the varnish!

We would love to see how your nails go! Please send any pictures to cute.as.nails1@gmail.com


  1. Brilliant! Need to try this. Great colour combo also

  2. Thank you! i wanted to try so many colour combos! give it a go and send us a pic! would love to see if the tutorial helps! Haha.

    Have a good day!
    Sophie x

  3. I'm doing this tonight! Will tweet the result x

  4. Oh my goodness you make this sound so easy! :0) I definitely want to give it a whirl and will write a blog about it later. Love your blog posts, fantastic nails every time! x

  5. Thank you!! we would love to see it when you've had a go, it is easy don't worry! keep checking our blog for daily posts!
    We're really glad you like the blog.


  6. I had a go at laser nails and have written a blog post about it.


    They do not look as neat as yours but it was fun to try. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration :0) x