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Alice and Sophie

Friday, 6 July 2012


Its Friday again wooo!!

Now, even though we have pretty much given up on our British summer weather, it doesn't mean the things that come with it can't happen!
Everyone loves an ice lolly and it's so hard to walk past an ice cream van or hear the music in the distance without thinking...I want one!!

These lolly nails are a bit of fun! And I've chosen Fab, Fruit Pastilles lolly, Twister, Feast and Orange Calippo for each nail.
Which one would you chose as a child? (Or an adult!!)
My favourite was a Twister!

Have you tried any summer holiday themed nail art? We would love to see them! Just email cute.as.nails1@gmail.com

Hope you find these good enough to eat!!
Have a great weekend x


  1. These look quality! I'm a Twister girl too, closely followed by a Fab. X

  2. Thank you!! And good choice :)

    Alice xx

  3. I am a Feast girl all the way but absolutely LOVE the Fab nail!!! x