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Alice and Sophie

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Rain rain rain!!

The great British summer hey!
If you're like me (and Mary Poppins) you will also be carrying an umbrella around in your handbag to stay well prepared for these random downpours!!

I love pretty umbrellas. I had one with pink dogs on when I was younger!

Ive had lots of compliments on these so if you want to try these brolly nails too...
I have used Chanel - Riva blue for the main colour. Plus Rio and Kiss nail paint for the clouds and for the umbrellas themselves. For the rain I used Barry M - Cyan Blue but I used a separate thin tip brush to get the rain drops the right size.
On my thumbs I chose to draw the sun, no rain and the umbrella down....wishful thinking!

Even though we hate the rain hopefully you still enjoy these and let's hope the only umbrellas we will need soon will be the ones in our cocktail glass!!

Have a great Thursday x

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  1. Hehe so cute! Especially love the pink umbrella <3 x