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Monday, 9 July 2012

Nails of the Week!!

For our first nails of the week we had a great entry with a great story! Here is the email...

"An unusual entry for you.   These nails may not be 'nail art' but are of a 36 year old man.
I recently was asked to undertake a 'Girly Challenge' to raise money for cancer services in Ireland. Not knowing what I was getting myself into I agreed.  For the record I never ever before have worn any sort of female attire or makeup etc.
I was given a full body wax, including eyebrows. Tinted brows and lashes and my finger and toenails painted.  I didn't realise or even know what Gel Nail polish was, until I tried to remove it.  My fingers were as shown for 5 days and my toes for 5 weeks. Something called Shellac.
Funnily enough since this day I have developed a appreciation for woman and they're nails. This is really just a tongue in cheek entry as I have to repeat the nails again in a months time for a cheque handover. 
Maybe you could suggest a colour and polish for this time lol. I enjoy seeing your nail creations as does my wife. 
You're very talented.
The Nail Guy ;) "

We loved this email! It made us smile! It's great what some men go through for charity and this was a great cause for the Donegal Hospice and Oncology Unit.

If you want to know more then please check out the Facebook page www.facebook.com/GoingGirly4Charity

We hope you managed to raise lots of money! We think next time you should go with a nice pastel pink as it is summer after all!

Please send your nail art to cute.as.nails1@gmail.com for your chance to be Nails of the Week!

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